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Welcome to RVR
Coming to you from Haight-Ashbury we are THE BEAT indie record institution of San Francisco. Bringing you the best in
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hot off the press and direct to your ears, we rock all original sounds with a few select re-mixes rolled in between.

RVR 's mission is to put together the sounds with the most talented makers of the sounds to produce and record the shiniest music possible--to feed our souls, heal our hearts, and create for us all the most magickal of times. For fun and prophet.

If you're here to see about collaborating with us and/or sending in your own sounds, ask away or just go for it, we don't trip. Un- or solicited, we'll check it out. It's one of the things we like to do (hear new sounds).

If you're here to check out our sights and sounds/window shop/ download/buy stuff, we're happy to say everything's JUST about all back up and running again (HFL!). We've got a bunch of SPANKING new sounds and visions lined up and ready to be posted. Stay tuned--we're going at it as fast as we can.

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