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     Oh hey, don't freak out... we won't be doing this in Spanish,
     just happen to be 'borrowing' a
line from Mega-Mind...
   Coming to you from Haight-Ashbury, we are THE BEAT indie record company of San Francisco...
   Right now we're wanting to celebrate every last day of Summer (32 left!) so we've conjured up something new for you, namely
   The Daily Download:


That's right, starting NOW you can DOWNLOAD 
this MP3 (and be playing ANY time you like) for the
very SPECIAL SEX-Price of  69ยข  
You've now got 32 days to take advantage of our wanton ways
This offer's happening NOW thru the September 22nd
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RVR was created to simultaneously re-resurrect the Revolution of Love (taking up where John and Yoko left off) while bringing together the sounds of the magickally and musically super-talented, who we believe to be the most honourable beings in The Universe and who we welcome whenever our sort of help is needed.
We cater to YOU, the extra-ordinary and the outcast; YOU, who thinks for yourself and has no qualm about saying what's on your mind; YOU, The Beat, the outspoken and opinionated, the rebel and revolutionary; YOU, the starving (or well-fed) musician, rock star, shining star; YOU, the songwriter, performer, programmer, and sound person; YOU, the trend-setter and the hipster, proponent of LOVE and PEACE; YOU, the poet, the dancer, the mover and shaker; YOU, the anarchists, FREE-thinker, fearless, daring, and bold; YOU, the freak... and, of course, the geek. Just to name a few. Basically, if at some or most point(s) you feel like you just don't belong, we're down with hearing what kind of sounds you make.
We don't care for rules in general, so here's what we'll offer you as a simple guideline:  If your sound's cool, your sound's cool--you'll know it and we'll hear it. If we can't hear it, don't blame us. And there you go, that's it. Oh, one more thing to mention: please, whatever you do, do NOT send opera or jazz ('specially what they call 'smooth'). We can't listen to it. We won't listen to it. You can't make us listen to it. And that's that. That being said, may the 9s be with you and bring on your sounds (boink on this: "Contact Us" or the button up there saying "Contact Us" to see how).
Now, off you go . . . explore the site, check out the sounds/videos/info we've posted here and see if you're starting to feel like you're at home . . . 
In any case, thanks for stopping in,
         Remember to Love
                  and have a fun night / day...  XOXO 
                                Love and peace from Miss Sarine Voltage and all of us here at