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Coming to you from
Haight-Ashbury we are THE BEAT indie record institution of San Francisco. We bring you
free glitter text and family website at
hot off the press/direct to your ears, rocking all original sounds with a splash of re-mixes rolled in.

Our mission: To generate the sounds that move,
feeding our souls, healing our hearts & bodies,
and making for magickal times
--inciting humans to come together to dance,
sing, play and create.
For fun, love and prophet, we rock.

If you're here to see about collaborating with us and/or sending in your own sounds, ask away or just go for it, we don't trip. Un- or solicited, we'll check it out. It's one of the things we always like to do: hear what YOU're doing.
If you're here to check out our sights and sounds/download/buy/listen, we've got a bunch of SPANKING new stuff lined up and just about ready to post--had to recover from some big-time equipment failures this month, but we did it and we're just about ready to roll so STAY TUNED...

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